Brent Makarczyk

Business Development, Entertainer

Brent was born and raised in North East Pennsylvania. He received his undergraduate degree in Communications from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Brent holds his CRPC®, APMA® and is a Managing Partner, responsible for Business Development and coaching with Inspire Network, LLC. He took over his family’s financial planning practice when his father was diagnosed with Leukemia and has never looked back. He personally understands family tragedy and has applied his life lessons to his work with so many of his clients.

Brent has flourished in the financial services industry since 2000 and has held multiple roles, including financial advisor and coach.He is respected for his ability to understand another’s perspective and break down complex issues to manageable tasks. Using his personal and professional experience, he has coached many families through major life changes such as retirement, saving for education, tragic life events such as a death or debilitating accident. He brings this unique perspective to coaching clients on building a team and setting the stage for generational transition.

Driven by creating experiences, Brent is amazing at engaging with people. He is outgoing, original, agile, energetic and can facilitate great experiences with others. Brent leads by motivating people to get behind a challenging and important idea, project, or business objective. He is motivating, supportive and leadership-oriented.

Brent’s personal values are: Family, Integrity, Honesty, Relationship and Meaningful Work. He enjoys spending time with his wife Cate and their two children Brendan and Amara. Brent is very active in his community and volunteers with the American Cancer Society, the Sponsor of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Boys and Girls Club.

Kolbe A: Fact finder, Follow thru, Quick start and Implementor

Strength Finder: Developer, Restorative, Adaptability, Belief, Empathy

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